It's official! Jingtu International launches B2B full link cross-border logistics service
PUBLISH TIME:2023-04-07


On March 31, Jitu International held a B2B full link cross-border logistics service press conference in Guangzhou with the theme of "Infinite Industry, boundless sea". Zhang Hanbin, general manager of Global B2B Division of Polar Rabbit International, attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech, officially launching Polar Rabbit International B2B full link cross-border logistics service (hereinafter referred to as Polar Rabbit International B2B service) for the first time.

With the strategy of "end-to-end full link", Getu International B2B service provides a full range of cross-border logistics portfolio solutions, including collection, trunk, customs clearance, warehousing and delivery and other key links, covering air, sea, railway and other diversified international transportation modes, opening up the logistics transport link from China to the world of Getu network.


Jitu International B2B service focuses on the core pain point of enterprise cross-border logistics transportation -- enterprise customized solutions. According to the different needs of different types of imported goods in transportation conditions, packaging requirements, customs clearance process, etc., Jitu International B2B services can provide personalized and customized solutions. The service now covers five industries: high-tech, fashion and fast-moving consumer goods, automobiles, new energy, chemicals and metals.


Zhang Hanbin, general Manager of Global B2B Business Division of Jingtu International, said, "Currently, B2B cross-border logistics is shifting from high-speed growth to high-quality development stage, which requires us to improve the refined operation ability of the business. The launch of B2B full link cross-border logistics service of Polar Rabbit International marks a new stage of global B2B division of Polar Rabbit International since its establishment, which is also a further improvement of the core strategic layout of Polar Rabbit International globalization."

Yang Jinghai, CEO of Pole Rabbit International, said, "The business layout of Pole Rabbit International driven by B2B and B2C has been completed. We will continue to make efforts to open up the international logistics channel, provide more Chinese enterprises with more competitive logistics support, and let China's intelligent manufacturing go global."

At present, the pole Rabbit International B2B cross-border industrial belt salon has been officially launched in Guangzhou.

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J&T International It is the international logistics sector brand of Polar Rabbit. Relying on Polar Rabbit's powerful global logistics resources and perfect business layout, it gives full play to its own technological research and development advantages, adhering to the development concept of "logistics as the foundation and information as the core", and builds and integrates high-quality resources in the industry to create Polar Rabbit international sector.

It provides comprehensive logistics solutions for global manufacturing enterprises, trading enterprises, cross-border e-commerce and consumers, and has covered about 100 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and other parts of the world, supporting air, sea, land and other modes of transportation, and is committed to becoming the world's leading international logistics comprehensive service provider.