Promoting innovation, development and win-win cooperation, Polar Rabbit International was invited to participate in the Third "China-Eu Cross-border E-commerce Forum"
PUBLISH TIME:2023-04-17

From March 27 to 28, the third China-Eu Cross-border E-commerce Forum was held in Manchester, UK. As the highest level forum for China-Europe cross-border e-commerce industry, this event invited guests from the UK, Europe, China and the US, including more than 500 outstanding representatives from Chinese and European government agencies, e-commerce platforms, multinational logistics enterprises, international freight groups, customs clearance facilities, overseas warehouse enterprises, etc. Dominic Huang, business director of the UK subsidiary of the Global B2C Business Division of Jingtu International, attended the conference and participated in the roundtable discussion of the forum as a special guest to jointly explore the sustainable development model and innovation strategy of China-Europe cross-border e-commerce industry.


The forum analyzed the multiple challenges faced by enterprises in globalization, localization, logistics and environmental protection, technology upgrading, compliance supervision and cyber security, and sought new space for high-quality and sustainable development of enterprises by sharing global supply chain cooperation, improving localization level, actively carrying out investment and financing and applying innovative technology. It will inject new impetus into the comprehensive cooperation between Chinese, European and global cross-border e-commerce enterprises.


Dominic Huang, business Manager of the UK subsidiary of the Global B2C Division of Polar Rabbit International, participated in the roundtable discussion at the Forum (1st left)


At the forum, Dominic Huang, business director of the UK subsidiary of the global B2C Division of Jingtu International, said when talking about "localization challenges and opportunities of cross-border enterprises", that the development of emerging markets should be well planned in advance in all aspects, fully insight into the market and the needs of local users, but also to balance their own development and local competition. To provide more social value beyond products and services to local communities in accordance with local conditions, to achieve local growth and prosperity, and to help Chinese brands better take root in local areas.


At present, Polar Rabbit International integrates various resources to open up the logistics transport link from China to the world, providing comprehensive cross-border logistics portfolio solutions including collection, trunk, customs clearance, storage and delivery and other key links, covering air, sea, railway and other diversified international transport modes. At present, Pole Rabbit International cross-border logistics front-end collection capacity covers more than 100 cities across the country; Cooperate directly with shipping companies, shipping companies and freight train platform companies to provide high-quality international trunk transportation services; Terminal delivery covers 18 major trading countries and regions in the world, 13 of which are self-operated terminal delivery. In addition, in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States 9 regions to build their own overseas warehouse.


Facing the future, Polar Rabbit International adheres to the concept of win-win cooperation through consultation, relies on Polar Rabbit's global logistics resources, opens up the international logistics channel, provides more Chinese enterprises with more competitive cross-border logistics support, and enables China's intelligent manufacturing to go global.