Good news: Jutu International logistics newly opened Shenzhen to Liege international logistics air flight
PUBLISH TIME:2023-03-22

On November 17th, the air flight from Shenzhen to Liege officially set sail. The charter aircraft of this line is A330-200 passengers to cargo, two flights a week, and the loading goods are mainly cross-border e-commerce goods.
Previously, Polar International has opened charter flights from Shenzhen-Paris, Hong Kong-Delhi, Nanning-Kuala Lumpur, providing customers with a full range of material transportation services, as well as to ensure the smooth connection of operation, quarantine disinfection, board operation, security inspection and supervision and other links. At the same time, charter service can save time and multiple delivery procedures, make up for the lack of direct flights, and no need to transfer, reduce the phenomenon of cargo loss, loss of goods or loss, greatly improve the speed of cross-border freight, and ensure the efficiency and quality of freight.

Based on the efficient charter flight service, Jutu International will effectively guarantee the import of all kinds of materials. We will unblock international freight and logistics channels, stabilize supply chains, and build more reliable and favorable logistics support platform services for epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. Jutu International will make every effort to promote the connectivity between China and the world in a special period, provide emergency support to the global epidemic prevention and control, help the development of globalization, and demonstrate China's responsibility to uphold high-level opening-up!


In positive response to the national "Belt and Road" strategy, It firmly opens wider to the outside world, ensures the smooth flow of international logistics, gives full play to the advantages of the global network, and contributes to the global cross-border with actions. At present, our business includes e-commerce parcel bag, traditional freight, FBA service, container transportation service, domestic and foreign warehousing, etc. The business scope has covered Asia, Europe, Africa, America and other regions of the world, support air, sea, land and other modes of transportation, in order to further ensure cross-border material transportation, the next will open charter and package services.