Cross-border logistics will experience the most difficult peak season, and overseas warehouses will be more and more tense in the future
PUBLISH TIME:2023-03-23

This year, the overseas warehouse is very tight, there are few overseas warehouse service providers, small and medium-sized players to transfer, temporary storage, return and exchange, labeling and other services. As the epidemic continues, the scarcity of resources in overseas warehouses will continue.

Overseas warehouse outbound goods or proportion, extremely rabbit international currently has southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and European and American countries: Britain, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and other 43 countries to establish overseas warehouse, business scope has covered more than 200 countries and regions in the world. In addition to overseas warehousing, the business scope of Rabbit International also includes e-commerce small bags, traditional freight forwarders and FBA lead, which can better provide more warehousing and logistics guarantee services for foreign trade merchants. The booming development of cross-border e-commerce puts forward higher requirements for infrastructure construction, and logistics is the lifeline of e-commerce, and the dividend period of cross-border logistics will continue for a long time.

With the rebound of the epidemic in many overseas countries, the ports cannot operate normally, resulting in the poor return of containers, and now it is in the peak season, the domestic delivery demand is rising, so it is really difficult to find a box, have to grab.

Shipping situation: many ports in Europe and the United States have congestion and no place to put containers, while many domestic ports are extremely short of containers, shipping companies have to impose congestion surcharge, peak season surcharge, lack of containers and other additional charges, and the route freight rate is further increased.

Air freight is also not optimistic, December freight continues to rise, the time is more uncertain, the cabin is more tense. At present, the western route freight rate rose nearly three times compared with the beginning of the year. Europe is about the same, with insufficient capacity, prices have been rising and delivery has been severely delayed.

—— Cross-border logistics is experiencing the most difficult peak season. Although the peak season of cross-border logistics and transportation experiences the problems of tight resources and rising prices, this year is indeed the most difficult year.

Since the peak season of this year, the challenges of cross-border logistics warehousing include: domestic direct hair, economy and timeliness is not objective; the first transportation, the first shipping of each link pressure increase; overseas warehouse, storage capacity is tight, a warehouse is difficult to find; the end delivery, order is difficult to guarantee. In contrast, cross-border e-commerce is better, because many cross-border e-commerce goods have high gross margins, and a certain scale of sellers can basically cope with the rising logistics price, but there is a certain delay in the time limit."But for some small and medium-sized sellers, sellers with low profits, the survival pressure is very big.

This year is a special year, it is still over, and look at the development of cross-border trade next year, the market is still the blue ocean, look at the market's call to "heroes", fight a world.