FBA service Introduction
We have many years of international logistics experience and network services, full tracking, stable service level agreement, and wide coverage. The professional operational service team can customize personalized logistics solutions according to customer needs, and various logistics methods such as air freight, sea freight, express, and special lines are available for customers to choose. FCL and LCL are handled one by one by the customer specialist to ensure the accuracy of the goods. Jitu International also has cooperative trailer truck company that provides the most cost-effective delivery service.
Through express, air freight, rail freight, sea freight and other logistics channels, the seller's goods are transported from China to Amazon FBA warehouses, overseas warehouses or private addresses in 23 regions including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, etc. .
Service Description

FBA by air

Air Freight Delivery is a special line service for Asian FBA sellers to send express customs clearance + express delivery; the FBA Air Freight Delivery special line can provide FBA head services to five European countries, the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Reference service level agreement: 10-12 days for Europe, 9-11 days for United States

FBA by railway

European Rail Freight Delivery is a European long-distance transportation method that emerged in the national strategy of "One Belt One Road, Restarting the Silk Road". The FBA International FBA Railway + Delivery can be provided to Europe, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other FBA services.

Reference service level agreement: 28-35 days for five European countries

FBA by sea

Jitu International has good cooperation with global TOP10 shipowners. All ports across the country can provide shipping FCL and LCL export services. The local delivery method is flexible and diverse. The back-end operation team is familiar with the appointment and warehouse procedures of Amazon Warehouse.

Reference service level agreement: 20-24 days for the United States, 40-45 days for Europe
FBA by truck

A fixed cabin space for Shenzhen/Hong Kong to the United States,service level agreement and positions are guaranteed


Shenzhen/Hong Kong to Europe, the service level agreement and position are guaranteed


USA special line/European special route, express customs clearance can be used to avoid cross influence




United Kingdom special route, the seller’s own VAT can be used, and issue a separate tax bill.


Discounted prices, safety of channels and stability is higher


Professional customs clearance, Reasonable tax saving, more guaranteed service level agreement


Humanized logistics solutions to ensure smooth flow of goods


The customer must truthfully declare the product information, including but not limited to the product name, quantity, model, material, and usage. Before shipping, please ensure that all shipments have a complete and accurate recipient information (receiving company name and detailed address, postal code, valid contact phone number, etc.) to avoid problems such as unavailability of delivery; and truthfully provide relevant brand authorization or related certification authorization (CE/HDMI/BLUETOOTH/FDA certification authorization).