Global Trade Information
PUBLISH TIME:2021-09-18

The General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China announced the cumulative import and export data for November and January-November this year. The total import and export value and export value in November both set a single-month record since the statistics were available in 1979. In November, the export value of furniture and its parts was 46.14 billion yuan, an increase of 19.3% from October (38.66 billion yuan); the cumulative export value from January to November was 365.07 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2% over the same period last year.

The floods caused by the typhoon made food and clean drinking water become scarce materials in the disaster area. All this affects the hearts of the J&T Express (J&T) Philippines team.

The J&T Philippines team set up a special rescue team for the first time, purchased 3,000 bags of rice and 3,000 barrels of drinking water and other daily necessities, and gave full play to the advantages of express delivery capacity to deliver relief supplies to the disaster area.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the "isolated island" Catanduanes (Catanduanes), due to the impact of the typhoon, damaged the port and the ships and was forced to shut down. Dozens of J&T couriers and a large number of affected residents were stranded on the island. Transportation has become the primary difficulty in disaster relief on Catanduanes

The local area manager Ethan and the team were distraught. In order to be able to help the residents and employees on the island, they made inquiries and finally contacted the local maritime police department. After active communication, the lieutenant of the 901 Coast Guard of the Philippines learned the details of the J&T rescue activities and specially arranged for military ships and several police officers to carry out the transportation of rescue materials with J&T.

With the help of the Philippine Coast Guard and the government of the disaster-stricken area, Ethan led the J&T team to the local area. During the two days of November 20th and 21st, an emergency donation of a large number of materials to the residents of Catanduanes was made, including More than 2,000 bags of rice and 2,000 barrels of drinking water, and the remaining nearly 1,000 supplies were distributed to other disaster-stricken areas. At the same time, J&T did not forget its job, and delivered the parcels previously stranded on the island by the customer, and the lost parcels of the recipient were also safely returned to the sender.

After entering the Philippine market in 2019, J&T Express has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities. This disaster relief is not the first public welfare action. As early as this year, during the epidemic, J&T donated masks and other anti-epidemic materials to Filipino residents many times. With J&T's express network covering the Philippines, it provided free transportation of masks, gloves and other medical services to Philippine companies and institutions. Equipment, effectively alleviating the pressure of local medical supplies transportation.

The contribution of J&T Express Philippines in terms of public welfare responsibility has reached 10 million Philippine dollars.