E-commerce growth rate leading the world, Latin American market new machine to
PUBLISH TIME:2023-03-23

According to eMarketer's Global E-commerce Forecast 2022 report, Latin America and Southeast Asia will be among the top two countries in global e-commerce sales growth rates, with sales expected to grow by 2025, by at least double figures a year.

Especially during the epidemic period, the growth of online shopping consumers in Latin America has attracted different e-commerce platforms to attract sellers to enter the local online shopping market, promoting the release of consumption potential, and thus providing an opportunity for cultivating consumption habits.



(Ranking of expected growth rates of global retail e-commerce sales in 2022, source: eMarketer)

According to HKTDC statistics, 70% of online shopping users said they would continue to consume online and adopt electronic payment after the epidemic, so many Latin American countries are taking the opportunity to actively promote the development of e-commerce.

For example, Colombia has national policies to promote e-commerce, and some countries have relaxed restrictions on Internet and mobile phone services, such as Chile's cut in taxes on mobile phone purchases.



The e-commerce market is expected to flourish in the coming years, especially in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru, which will grow by an average of 35% or more.

From the point of this year, Latin America as one of the most hot electricity market, attracted a large number of Chinese sellers, but from the aspect of logistics, Latin American customs policy formalities difference, product export barriers, lead to product inventory increase, each link costs rise, to some extent, cross-border sellers in overseas brand process.

In order to meet the needs of cross-border sellers to layout the Latin American market, Jutu International has opened a special line service in Mexico, a logistics center in Latin America, and plans to connect many countries to build another "air bridge" for cross-border goods circulation.

So far, the Jutu international cross-border special line has covered Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe and the United States. Through customized logistics solutions, each link from the end of the delivery of the destination country from China, improve the management efficiency of cross-border logistics supply chain, and create long-term value for the seller brand to go overseas.